Urgent Action Required

20 May

I plead with all who are able to do what they can to help take a stand against this evil administration. I also believe more truth will come out in the near future because of those brave enough to stand for right. Until Jesus calls the church home, we must do all we can to right the wrongs that are happening in our country, instead of hiding our heads in the sand and then wondering, “how did this come about?” when it all hits the fan.

Thank you and God Bless!



Did the Obama Administration’s IRS really ask a pro-life group about the content of their prayers?

Did the Obama Administration’s IRS really make a pro-life group promise not to protest Planned Parenthood?

Did the Obama Administration’s IRS really demand the names of individual students who participated in an educational program about the Constitution?

What did the President know? When did he know it?

These are the answers we seek as we prepare to launch a lawsuit against the IRS.

When we file this suit, one of the largest legal efforts in ACLJ history, we anticipate the Administration will fight back – hard.

With an immense amount of ACLJ resources deployed against the IRS, generous donors have stepped forward with a challenge: If we can raise $200,000 online this week, they will match that amount.

We need your help as we take on the federal government’s most powerful and intrusive agency.

Donate Now to Have your Gift Doubled.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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