“Cold and Calculating”

31 May

We simply cannot allow the evil conivings of this administration go any further. It is to the detriment of our very lives and families as well as this great country that we do all we can to come against this in every way possible.

My fellow Christian Countrymen, please pass this along and help if possible. Thank you, Anna

Mike Huckabee

Conservatives — I don’t trust our President and I am worried about the future of our country.


The IRS and Benghazi scandals prove he’s either willfully ignorant or calculating and cold. Either way I don’t trust him to make decisions for me and my family.


Barack Obama is completely focused on one thing: ramming his liberal views and policies — gay marriage, Planned Parenthood, legalizing 10+ million illegal immigrants — down our throats.  Huck PAC donate


And if Democrats don’t accomplish these things before the elections next November, under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, the Democrat House committee is focused on regaining the House Majority so they can give the President the left-wing, Obama Majority he needs in Congress.


You and I worked too hard to elect conservatives in 2012 to let left-wing groups and Nancy Pelosi regain the House and elect a new Obama Majority.


To reach our May candidate support goal, we need to raise another 446 donations by the big FEC fundraising deadline coming up tonight.


Name: Not Confirmed
Supporter record: 00017161A
Suggested Support: $3.00


Let’s make sure our candidates know they have a whole grassroots movement standing behind them.


Donate $3 or more to support Life, Traditional Marriage, Tax Reform and Border Security before the FEC deadline:


Standing with you,




Mike Huckabee


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