My Review of “The Covered Deep”

15 Oct

It is with great honor that I submit this review of “The Covered Deep” by Brandy Vallance. As an avid reader of historical fiction, especially Biblical or Inspirational historical fiction, I highly recommend this book. Having grown up in the Midwest, I can relate to the many wonderful metaphors that Mrs. Vallance used so eloquently throughout her first novel. Oh, the shivering memories that came to mind on the very first page with these words: “Spin–” “The word felt like cod liver oil on her tongue.” I could totally understand relating the horror of living life alone as a spinster (in the mind of a young lady) to the taste of cod liver oil. My Daddy used to give us a tablespoon of cod liver oil at night before bedtime as it was “well known” that it would prevent all those winter colds and ills. The experience was anything but pleasant.

I found myself being carried along with Bianca on her adventure to London and the Holy Land after winning a contest that her father brought to her attention. I was thrilled that her father was a partner in her quest to find her “soul mate” instead of listening to her mother’s advice to simply settle for a “good husband” while she was still of a marrying age.

At times I became impatient to know the answer to the mystery behind Sir Adrian’s essay contest that brought four winners together for this adventure. It became obvious that he had ulterior motives that I would not know until near the end of the story. My emotions went up and down when obstacle after obstacle presented itself as a hindrance to the blossoming of Bianca’s and Paul’s romance. I really wanted to make Madeline just go away!  I thought a time or two about skipping ahead, but then I knew I would miss out on all the happenings that would add to that mystery and Mrs. Vallance’s way with words that paints such vivid mind pictures along the way.

Although I find it most difficult to choose one of this author’s analogies as my favorite, I keep coming back to this one, “The sun pushed farther, cut itself on a cloud, and bled.” What a reminder that books are almost always better than their movies!

Not only is The Covered Deep a great story of human romance; it also brings home the love, mercy and forgiveness that God affords each of us during our life-adventures.

You can purchase your copy of The Covered Deep at or Barnes and Noble.

Also don’t forget to follow Brandy Vallance at her website –

For all who live locally, or not, Brandy will have her official book launch this Saturday, October 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Ivywild School in Colorado Springs:

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Ivywild School

1604 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

“Come celebrate the launch of The Covered Deep in grand style. Taking place in a remodeled historical school, guests will be entertained and taken into the 19th century world of Bianca Marshal (incurably romantic bookworm from Appalachia) and Paul Emerson (historian of the British Museum in London). Victorian decorations galore. Tea and pastries catered. Themed giveaway baskets every half hour including tea pots, books, gift cards, etc. Victorian dancing led by a historical dance master from 11-12 (Virginia Reel, British dancing, etc.). Book signing, reading, etc. The Covered Deep can be purchased at the party for $15 or you can bring your own copy to be signed. Come anytime between 9am-2pm.”

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