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08 Nov

I only do this for legitimate causes, and this is one of those legitimate causes. Through no fault of her own, of course, my little sister, Bessie, has undergone major surgeries in the last couple of months because of cancer. Any help that anyone can spare is greatly appreciated. You can see her story and donate if able at GoFundMe below. I thank you all in advance for your generosity. Anna.


Bessie’s Story:

Hello my Family and Friends : You all know me as Bess or Bessie (Ward) or Glenn depending on how long or well u know me… Most all of you also know I am a Breast Cancer survivor of 12 yrs.
This last year has been a crazy year, I graduated from college and received my Associates degree and thought I was finally on my career path!
Unfortunately in August I was re-diagnoised with a New Primary Cancer… Same side as last time… Completely different Cancer. Since then I have undergone an Auxiliary resection, removing ALL my lymph nodes from under my left arm… that is where it came back was in a lymph node. Because it was a new Primary Cancer, and to be proactive, they recommend I remove both breasts.
So… I had a Radical Mastectomy Oct 14th. I am recovering well and currently waiting for radiation therapy to start.
However here is my problem… I started working at my Internship site… One month after I completed it… So when I was diagnosed I hadn’t been there long enough to qualify for FMLA or any other employment programs. You have to be there for 1 year to qualify . The first surgery I was out 5 weeks…August 4th-September 8th. I went back and worked for a month before my Mastectomy to try and help off set some of my bills. I am going to try and go back in 2 weeks if possible. Of course I am getting my last surgery bills sent to collections, because I have no income to pay them. I will also be struggling getting to and from work for 4 weeks because I don’t receive a paycheck until 4 weeks after I return to work. My dear Sister’s helped me last time and I can not ask them again. I just need help getting back to work and paying some of my Dr. bills to keep me from collection’s.
I love you all and am proud to call u family and friends. I Thank you in advance if u can help… If not I totally understand. Much love Bessie

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